Welcome to Mememe

Welcome to Mememe! On this site there will be the best premium memes for your entertainment or you can show the memes to people that are depressed to cure their depression. Yes, these memes can cure depression! (Man, they should have thought about this in the 1920s during the great depression…think of how much this would help…..wait…..really? Oh yeah, they didn’t have memes or even computers back then……those were really the dark ages. No memes? What did they do to boost their morale?)

Anyway, here are some sample memes to show you what kinds of great memes our site has:

Other pages will be sorted by year of the meme, each page taking place of one year and explaining all the memes during that time. If you feel that I am missing some memes, then you can suggest an edit to me one way or another.

Also, this site is a Work in Progress, so don’t think this will have all of the premium memes until this message has been removed and I declare the website finished.